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The Cadavre exquis

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The Cadavre exquis

A famous Surrealist technique, Cadavre exquis consists in creating a poem or a drawing in a group. On a piece of paper, each participant writes down a sentence or draws something that he hides from the following person by folding the piece of paper. Once the game is finished, a striking story or image formed by these various elements appears. The name of this method was, moreover, taken from the first sentence composed in this manner: "The Cadavre exquis shall drink the new wine."

Automatic Writing and Drawing
Popularized by the Surrealists, Automatic Writing consists in writing as quickly as possible everything in one's head before reason or logic intervenes. The same technique was equally applied to drawing and painting.

A technique requiring the association of varied images or materials to create an unusual work. Surrealist Max Ernst in particular used this method.

Max Ernst elaborated this technique by applying a piece of paper to a textured surface (floor, wall, etc.) to reproduce its details using a pencil.

Drawings made from the flame of a candle passed under a sheet of paper.

To produce a work using transfers, one need only press a sheet coated with paint onto another surface several times to create patterns which can be interpreted in diverse manners.

A technique invented by Man Ray enabling one to create abstract images by placing objects over photosensitive plates, leaving their impression.

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