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The Girl with the Pearl Earring Enlarge

The Girl With The Pearl Earring
(Johannes Vermeer, 1665, Public domain)


Painting is one the richest forms of art and a vibrant witness of the past, a way of leaving one's trace over the span of time. Its evolution over the course of the centuries is impossible to describe in just a few words, due to its sheer dimension, longevity, and diversity.

However, it is possible to assert that the term "painting" designates both the art form, consisting in applying color to a support, and the medium used to do this.

The medium is the mixture of binder and pigment which is spread over a surface to create the work. There are several different types of painting: oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolor.

The base constitutes the surface to which is applied the medium (paint). Far from limiting itself to the canvas, it can take on the most highly diverse forms, from an entire wall to a small piece of pottery on which is painted ornamental elements.

The techniques and tools used to paint are equally extremely varied. Some artists use stencils, paintbrushes, spatulas, or even their fingers. In a word, all means are good to produce the expected effect.

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