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Decorative Glass Techniques

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Decorative Glass Techniques

Enameling (Stained glass and glassware)
Enameling is process in which a glass surface is coated with enamel, a glassy substance which may be either opaque or translucent.

Grisaille (Stained glass and glassware)
Grisaille is a pictorial technique which employs nuances of the same color, in this particular case gray. It is notably utilized in painting, but equally in the art of stained-glass window making, for which metal oxides are added before baking the glass.

Jaune d'argent (Stained glass and glassware)
Jaune d'argent is a color produced by cementation, in which metal salts and glass are heated and mixed. As its name indicates, jaune d'argent ("yellow of silver") is produced from silver with various nuances, much like grisaille.

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