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Making Pottery
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In a general way, we call "craftsmanship" the work of a single person or group with a limited number of individuals who manually produce an object and use only a limited variety of tools and materials. However, the term is greatly contested, since no-one agrees on what it should designate or exclude.

Craftsmen are generally divided into two categories: people of the trade, who manually create objects for their own account, and amateur artists, who create works without requiring any particular apprenticeship. However, one element prevails: the term craftsmen groups together people who like working with their hands.

Overall, craftsmanship designates objects the function of which is both decorative and utilitarian (furniture, baskets, weapons, etc.). These objects are never mass produced, rather by hand, in a studio or at home. Recently, the term has also come to refer to works whose function is purely aesthetic.

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