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Diego Rivera (1886-1957)

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Diego Rivera (1886-1957)

Painter Diego Rivera profoundly marked the Mexican muralist period. In 1907, he journeyed to Europe on a grant and discovered the works of several key painters, including Cézanne, Juan Gris, Picasso and Modigliani.

He became involved in the rebirth of murals in Mexico beginning in 1921, following in the footsteps of his fellow countrymen Orozco and Siqueiros. The realistic and colored drawing of his works testifies to the influence of pre-Colombian heritage on his country. A politically engaged artist, he took inspiration in all that surrounded him to paint, whether everyday life, history or the customs of his country.

For him, art must serve the cause of the people and be easily accessible to them. His frescoes enabled the Mexicans, even the uneducated, to better understand the revolutionary cause. An incorrigible philanderer, Rivera wed Frida Kahlo, another renowned Mexican painter, in 1929.

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