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Geometrical abstraction

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Suprematism by Wassily Kandinsky Enlarge

(Kazimir Malevitch, 1915, Public domain)

Geometrical abstraction

Drawing its origins from abstract expressionism, geometrical abstraction appeared in the wake of constructivism during the 20th Century and represented a certain form of opposition to surrealism, with at the head of the movement painters Kazimir Malevitch, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

Artists who took an interest in this branch of the abstract arts sought purity and simplification through the use of geometrical shapes. Their canvases are characterized by the employment of squares, circles, rectangles, triangles and crosses, as well as minimalist colors. Geometrical abstraction is a dominant aspect in the works of "Abstraction-Création", created in 1931 by a group of artists.

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