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El pez, Pez (in Barcelona) Enlarge

El pez, famous character of the walls of Barcelona
(Andy Wright, Creative Commons)


Vandalism, means of expression or visual art? Graffiti eludes definition. Derived from murals, it takes form as drawings, paintings, inscriptions or engravings.

This mode of expression is meant to be a tribune where one can reunite graphic representations and writing. It has political, social or simply personal objectives. Through graffiti, the artist tries to his message and point of view across. Moreover, graffiti is often as anonymous as it is short-lived, quickly disappearing under a fresh coat of paint.

Usually, it's considered a nuisance, especially because it's made without authorization on objects not foreseen for this purpose. Certain graffiti artists, such as Lady Pink (United States), Pez (Spain) and Miss Van (France), were nonetheless able to gain fame thanks to this accessible means of expression by addressing themselves, like muralists, to one and all.

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