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Guido Nincheri (1885-1973)

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Guido Nincheri (1885-1973)

Celebrated master glassmaker, Guido Nincheri adorned with his works a considerable number of Canadian churches. Born in 1885 in Italy, he studied at the Beaux-Arts of Florence before crossing the Atlantic and rising to fame in Montreal.

Perceiving his talent, decorator Henri Perdriau took him under his wing and taught him the art of stained-glass window making. His first challenge was decorate the Saint-Viateur Church in Outremont, a task that was to entitle him to recognition of his talent. By the late 30's, he was known throughout the country and created stained-glass windows for a large number of churches.

Far from limiting himself to stained glass, Guido Nincheri was also a master at architecture, drawing, painting, and frescos. The body of his work represents a considerable artistic heritage, and many consider the decoration of the Saint Léon de Westmount Church his true masterpiece.

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