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Lascaux Cave

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Cave of Lascaux (apse)
(Public domain)

Lascaux Cave

The Cave of Lascaux, located in the region of Aquitaine, France, was discovered in 1940. It conceals on its walls frescoes dating back to the Paleolithic Age. Some 1,500 engravings and 600 paintings have been discovered here, mainly of animals: aurochs, big cats, horses, deer, etc. According to carbon-14 dating, the works in the cave were created around 15,000 BC.

In 1948, Lascaux Cave was opened to the public, but the parietal works inside suffered because of high presence of carbon dioxide and humidity, due to its many visitors. The cave was definitively closed to the public in 1963. It has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1979.

In 1983, Lascaux II opened its doors. Situated nearby the original cave, this reconstruction faithfully reproduces part of the chambers of the cave and the parietal representations found there.

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