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Louis Jobin (1845-1928)

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(Louis Jobin, 1881, Les Productions Vic Pelletier)

Louis Jobin (1845-1928)

Born in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, artist Louis Jobin commenced his career as an apprentice in 1865 in the studio of François Xavier Berlinguet, a renowned sculptor in the city of Quebec. At the time, the best means to learn sculpture was to work with a master, since there weren't any art schools yet. Jobin pursued his training in New York, then settled down in Montreal, where he produced in particular profane works.

He then moved to Quebec in 1875 and became a specialist in religious statuary. His clientele, mostly ecclesiastical, ordered sculptures from him to decorate churches or religious establishments. He created several wooden statues covered with metal leaves, for outdoor exhibition. It's to Louis Jobin that we owe the imposing state Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay (1881) erected on Cape Trinity, in the Saguenay Fjord.

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