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Paleolithic Spear-Thrower from the Mas d'Azil (Ariège, France) Enlarge Paleolithic Spear-Thrower from the Mas d'Azil (Ariège, France)
(Public domain)

Movable Art

Movable Art or the art of objects notably developed during the Magdalenian, the last phase of Upper Paleolithic. Objects carved during this period distinguish themselves not only by their diversity, but also by the employed supports.

It was in fact at this period that the use of the osseous materials, like ivory and andouiller (antlers), took on importance. Man sculpted out of these materials weapons and tools such as harpoons, assegais and bâtons de commandement (pierced antlers).

He equally created many objects to be carried or suspended: pendants, round discs with a hole in the middle, and engraved flat bones, to cite only some. The finely sculpted assegai spear thrower remains the most important innovation of Magdalenian culture.

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