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painting of Niko Pirosmani Enlarge

Fruit Stall
(Niko Pirosmani, Public domain)

Naïve Art

Naïve Art can express itself through various forms, including painting, sculpture, and architecture, and generally disassociates itself from academic teaching. It's frequently characterized by a naive portrayal of daily life and the use of bright, pure colors.

Naïve artists are self-taught and their works are often transcended by a kind of childish simplicity. They equally testify to great spontaneity. Because the rules and techniques of art are ignored, perspective is generally absent in Naïve painting, although we note particular care is paid to detail.

The term Naïve Art is said to have been used for the first time to designate the works of Henri Rousseau, leader of movement, who openly confessed to understand nothing about perspective. Among other recognized naïve artists, we find Ferdinand Cheval, Séraphine Louis, Adolphe-Julien Fouéré and André Demonchy.

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