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Work by Neter, Schizo Artist Enlarge

The Witch's Head
(August Natterer, 1915, Public domain)

Raw Art

Art brut or Raw Art designates a category of works made by people ignoring any and all artistic and aesthetic references, or refusing quite simply to submit to standards. The term was employed for the first time in 1945 by Jean Dubuffet, who was particularly interested in the primitive character of artistic creations produced by individuals interned in psychiatric hospitals.

Today, Raw Art is just as much as ever the subject of most highly diverse and nuanced debates as to its meaning, so much so that it seems to have lost any that it might have had in the first place. It was long attributed to Psychopathologic Art, equally referred to as the "Art of Madmen". In point of fact, during the 20's, many studies on the art of these people, shielded from any outside influence and without precise artistic approach, were conducted in psychiatric hospitals, leading to the definition of movement.

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