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Russian Art, The Last Supper, by Simon Ushakov Enlarge

The Last Supper
( Simon Ushakov, Public domain)

Sacred Arts

The sacred arts refer both to religion and spirituality. They can take on many different forms, from sculpture to stained glass and even painting. Religion can similarly play an important role in the dances, songs, and music of different peoples.

It's believed that religion lay at the heart of the inspiration of the very first artists. Up until the Middle Ages, an era during which art became secularized, art and religion were often intimately wed together. The Renaissance marked the debut of the purely aesthetic vocation of art as well as its exhibition value.

In Quebec, the sacred arts manifested themselves mainly inside a large number of churches, heightened by paintings, sculptures or stained glass with a spiritual savour. During the 60's, the period of the Revolution tranquille, the religious vocation of art declined with the same rhythm as the power of the clergy, and gradually yielded way to mostly laic creations.

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