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Greeting Cards

The oldest greeting card ever found dates back to the 1400's and was sent on St. Valentine's Day. However, despite its precocious beginnings, it was necessary to wait several centuries before the sending of greeting cards became a widely spread practice.

First sent by well-off people, greeting cards enjoyed great popularity following the release of the first postal stamp in 1840. Handmade, they were often of true works of art and testify to especial care in design.

Progress in printing soon enabled more massive distribution of greeting cards, which gradually turned into a real industry. Inexpensive or highly elaborate, they spread like wildfire, and printers sometimes offered large sums of money to those who created them.

Today, we find greeting cards in all shapes and sizes, and for every occasion. Mass produced, handmade, or even virtual, they have become almost indispensable to mark special days or events.

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