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The Art of Stained Glass

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Stained-glass Window inside Memorial Church (Speyer, Germany) Enlarge

Stained-glass Window inside Memorial Church (Speyer, Germany)
(Public domain)

The Art of Stained Glass

Stained glass is the art of assembling glass pieces, colored or not, using lead cames to which a particular shape has been given. Flat and generally measuring between one and five millimeters in thickness, the glass pieces are first cut then set in the metal structure. They can be either transparent, monochrome or painted according to what is required.

Stained glass artists usually have to be equipped with a detailed plan of their work, since the precision of the cut, then the mounting of the pieces, must be perfect. Although there are several manners of accomplishing this, the glass pieces are generally crafted using a cutter, before being placed within the network of lead cames. The joints are finally solidly welded together.

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