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Students Constructing a Model Wooden Frame Enlarge

Students Constructing a Model Wooden Frame
(Public domain)

Craftsmanship in Canada

In Canada, craftsmanship enjoyed an important rise during the 50's. At the time, they advocated values of self-sufficiency, which undoubtedly fed this popularity. Utilitarian objects, or art, made by local craftsmen were then preferred to those assembled in factories.

Today, it's estimated that more than 1.5 million Canadians spend at least seven hours of their time, each and every week, at craft activities. Out of this number, more than 15,000 make a living from it. Others turn craftsmen out of pleasure, or sell their creations from time to time to round out their incomes and pay for their equipment.

Today, it would seem that a good number of craftsmen find peace and calm by working with their hands. This unpretentious art, within the reach of all, unarguably has a salutary value for many people avid to exteriorize their thirst for creation.

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