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Inuit Sculpture Enlarge

Inuit Sculpture
(Les Productons Vic Pelletier)

Inuit Art

Contemporary Inuit art (from an ethnocentrist point of view) developed after World War II, notably thanks to James A. Houston, a young Toronto artist who had come to stay in the Great North. Observing the potential of their works, he encouraged Inuit artists to sell their creations, in order to improve their economic situation, to those in the south.

Sculpture is without a doubt the most widely spread form of Inuit art. Soapstone, serpentine, and peridotite are, among other things, used to craft representations of everyday Inuit life (Arctic fauna, life style, habitations, etc.).

Traditionally employed natural materials, such as ivory and antlers, are much less so today due to international regulations. Engraving is a recent form of Inuit art (introduced at the end of the 50's), but one highly prized by collectors.

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