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Anna Pavlova Enlarge

Anna Pavlova in Swan Lake
(Public domain)

Swan Lake

Inspired by a German legend, Swan Lake is one of the best known works of classic ballet. Nevertheless, during its first performance in Moscow in 1877, it met with little success. But following its reworking it was to finally attain the glory which it so truly merited in 1895.

Swan Lake is the story of Prince Siegfried and Odette, condemned to turn into a swan as of dawn. The spell can be broken only by the girl's marriage. However, the magician responsible for the curse presents his own daughter, the perfect double of Odette, to the Prince, who blindly declares his love to her.

Having confessed his feelings to the wrong person, Siegfried condemns she whom he'll love forever. There are, however, several different versions of this ballet which present tragic or happy endings for the two lovers.

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