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Terms Associated with Stained Glass

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The Holy Spirit by Bernini, 1666 Enlarge

The Holy Spirit
(Bernini, 1666, Public domain)

Terms Associated with Stained Glass

Caliber: Type of stiff paper used as a form or a template to cut out a piece of glass.

Cive: A small cylindrical piece of blown glass with a bulge in the middle.

Grisaille: Brownish vitrifiable paint

Muff: Sheet glass made from a blown cylinder (muff) that is split and flattened.

Parson or Paraison: Bubble of molten glass formed on the blowpipe after air has been blown into it, expanded from the gather (an amount of hot metal appropriate to the size of the article being blown or pressed, gathered onto the blow-pipe before blowing commences).

Vitrification: The process of converting a material into a glass-like amorphous solid that is free from any crystalline structure.

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