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Trouvères and troubadours

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Trouvères and troubadours

The terms "trouvère" and "troubadour" in reality are equivalent. They were both lyric poets who plied their trade in France during the Middle Ages. The only thing that differentiated them was their respective languages.

The first spoke "Langue d'Oïl", the set of dialects used in northern France (Picard, Burgundian, Walloonian, etc.), to which French belonged; the second expressed himself in "Occitan", or "Langue d'Oc", reuniting the Roman dialects spoken in southern France (Gascony, Limousin, Provençal, etc.).

Chrétien de Troyes, considered the first French novelist and author of "Lancelot or the Knight of the Cart", is one of the best known trouvères.

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