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Frequently asked questions

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How may I register on the site and what does this involve?

You can register on the website of Art by you and me by going to the section "My Account". You can thus exhibit or sell artworks, submit articles, communicate with other artists, and create a list of Favorites. Registration is completely free.

May I visit the site even if I'm not registered?

Even if you are not registered on the site Art by you and me, you can still access the information relative to the 13 episodes, articles on art history, contributions, gallery, and Bulletin Board. It is also possible for you to buy artworks without registering. However, you won't be able to sell or exhibit artworks, publish articles, and communicate with the other artists without being registered.

Do I have to be 18 years old to register?

You can register to exhibit artworks at any age. However, the functionality connected with the sale and purchase of artworks is reserved to individuals aged 18 or older.

Do I have to live in Quebec to register?

The website Art by you and me is open to people all around the world. If you buy or sell a artwork, it's therefore advisable to clearly verify the country or province where your business partner lives.

I have some difficulty understanding one of the sections on the website. What can I do?

In each of the sections of the website, you'll find a link called "Help" at the top right of the page. This activates a narrative video extract explaining all the functionalities of the current section.

I know very well a subject relating to art. Is it possible to add contents to the website?

The website indeed offers to people the possibility of submitting articles on art history. To do so, you must be registered. If you don't wish to register, you can contribute all the same to already published articles, by clicking the link found at the bottom of each text.

May I submit a text or images found on the Internet or in a book when I publish an article?

You must imperatively be the author of the article which you submit. Furthermore, to add an image to your text, you must make sure that you possess the rights to use the image, if they are not expired.

Can I write an article on a subject that does not relate to art?

The subject chosen on which to write your article must imperatively be connected with the world of art. For example, if you are familiar with an artistic movement, medium or form which is not treated on the website, you can write an article on this subject.

If I publish an article, will it be immediately published?

Each submitted article must be approved by a moderator. Thus, texts considered not relevant will not appear on the website.

May I exhibit or sell as many artworks as I wish?

There is no limit as regards the number of submitted artworks on the website. You can therefore exhibit or sell as many artworks as you wish.

If I publish an article on the website, will I be paid?

Submission of an article on the website is completely voluntary. Therefore you will receive no payment for the publication of an article.

I would like to add an image to the gallery, but I'm concerned about the copyright. What should I do?

It is clearly indicated in the confidentiality policy of the website that copyrights associated with the artworks submitted on the website belong to their artists. However, if you wish to protect yourself more, add a watermark to your image before submitting it to the website.

If I decide to exhibit a artwork in the gallery or sell it on the website, does it become the property of Les Productions Vic Pelletier Inc.?

Artworks intended for exhibition or sale are the sole property of the artist. However, by publishing an image, the artist thereby authorizes Les Productions Vic Pelletier Inc. to post it on the website.

I particularly like one of the artworks posted in the gallery. May I use it for a personal project or on my website?

Copyright of all images representing the artworks of the artists belongs to the artists. It is therefore forbidden to use them, unless obtaining prior authorization from the artist.

What are the criteria governing publication of events on the Bulletin Board?

Any event relating to the artistic field can be posted on the Bulletin Board. If you wish to be certain that the submission of your event is relevant, see the various categories suggested in the Pop-Up Menu "Filter" of the section "Bulletin Board". Pertinence of submitted events will first be verified by a moderator.

From the section "My Account", can I send messages to people who are not registered on the website?

You can send interesting links to your friends by using the menu "Stay in touch" found in several sections of the website. However, sending of messages from the section "My Account" is possible only between people registered on the website.

What should I do if I no longer remember my password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the section "My Account", and simply click on the link "Forgotten Password?” An email containing your password will immediately be sent to you.

How does the "mentoring" system function?

By registering on the website, you can offer mentoring in a particular field. This implies that Internet users can contact you to request advice or information. You can equally ask help from somebody by consulting the Directory.