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    • dompteur de 2em chaussette

      dompteur de 2em chaussette
      artyculteur, ©2007
      Sculpture et modelage, saynete animée representant un dompteur de chaussette

    • coup de feux en cuisine

      coup de feux en cuisine
      artyculteur, ©2005
      Sculpture et modelage, [...] saynetes avec animation representant une cuisine de resto a lheure du coup de feux 400h piece [...]

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    The website of the series Art by you and me offers Internet users hundreds of interesting articles on art history! Visitors can even add their own texts.

    • Types of Dances

      Types of Dances
      Participation dances are relatively simple and accessible to most people. The steps are improvised or repetitive, and often performed during religious ceremonies, holidays or cultural [...]

    • Animal Art

      Animal Art
      Animal art is one of the most ancient of all. In fact, animals represent the vast majority of subjects found in drawings and paintings dating back to prehistory found in various places across the [...]

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