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Art at any Age

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Bursting with energy, the sisters Germaine and Jeanne Lepage belong to an amateur summer theatre company. The stage arts equally attract Marie-Céline Poissant, who has a passion for dance.

Art at any Age

artisteThe Lepage sisters | The artist

Germaine and Jeanne Lepage, in addition to their family ties, share a true passion for the theater. The two sisters, with lively minds and an exceptional gift for words, actively take part in the community life of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

They founded, in fact, the amateur theater, "La Rigolade", and work there also as actresses, even being interested in directing.

Well known and highly respected people of their village, they are proud of their accomplishments and wish to share them with as many as possible.

Art at any Age

artisteThe Lepage sisters | His art

Germaine and Jeanne Lepage share a true passion for the theater. They are, moreover, the founders of an amateur theater, La Rigolade, where they perform as actresses.

Art at any Age

artisteMarie-Céline Poissant | The artist

Semi-retired for the past few years, Marie-Céline Poissant has never thought of making a living from her art. A passionate dancer ever since she was a little girl, she's tried her hand at many styles, from baladi to jazz ballet. With her husband, she practices the tango, a pastime which enables them to enjoy even more their life together.

However, Marie-Céline confesses that she has a small preference for classic ballet, which she's been seriously studying for more than 10 years. Means of expression and liberation, dance is for her a deeply rooted passion which she's firmly determined to exploit to the best of her ability.

Art at any Age

artisteMarie-Céline Poissant | His art

Marie-Céline Poissant does not lack energy. With all her joie de vivre, she loves dance, a form of art enabling her to express herself as she pleases. Practicing the tango with her husband is, moreover, the ballet she prefers.