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The Art of Differences

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The Art of Differences

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Jayanta Guha and Pascal Bouchard belong to the same world music group: Mosaïque. Nevertheless, one loves photography while the other vibrates to the sound of percussion instruments.

The Art of Differences

artisteJayanta Guha | The artist

Jayanta Guha was born in India and has greatly traveled. In his suitcases, he always has a camera with which he captures the magic of the places and people he visits.

A great expert in geology, he taught at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Although he's in demand elsewhere, he hopes to never leave this region which he loves.

Jayanta Guha, moreover, founded there a group of musicians called Mosaïque, made up of members of diverse ethnic origins.

The Art of Differences

artisteJayanta Guha | His art

Jayanta Guha, born in India, is a passionate photographer. Over the course of his travels, he's accumulated many photos, portraits and landscapes. A lover of world music, he also put together the group Mosaïque a few years ago.

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The Art of Differences

artistePascal Bouchard | The artist

Pascal Bouchard firmly believes that all workers are, in their own way, artists. He sees, moreover, artistic expression everywhere, even in his work as a baker.

Possessing an out of the ordinary capacity for wonder and delight, he's sensitive to all the little gifts of life. A few years ago, Pascal made the acquaintance of Jayanta Guya, who invited him to join his music group.

As part of Mosaïque, he plays drums and is equally at home with many other instruments.

The Art of Differences

artistePascal Bouchard | His art

Pascal Bouchard possesses a good sense of rhythm, a peculiarity reflected in his music. He loves percussion instruments and is part of the world music group, Mosaïque.