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Art for Oneself

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Art for Oneself

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Rachel Ouellet makes greeting cards and murals, while Nicole Kougioumoutzakis paints on glass and porcelain. For them, art is first and foremost something that we do for ourselves.

Art for Oneself

artisteRachel Ouellet | The artist

After serious reflection, Rachel Ouellet, who's been a graphic designer for the past few years, made up her mind to leave Quebec and return to settle down by the river so dear to her heart, in Rimouski.

A part-time post-woman, she creates small graphic works, but mostly devotes her spare time to making murals and greeting cards with materials from nature, from driftwood to flowers.

She likes creating for others but hesitates to display her works on her own walls. She equally writes and sings. Nevertheless, she asserts that art represents a leisure which she wants to keep for herself.

Art for Oneself

artisteRachel Ouellet | His art

Rachel Ouellet likes making artisanal decorative objects, which she creates by assembling and gluing together elements found in nature. She likewise makes original greeting cards, paying particular attention to the paper she uses.

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Art for Oneself

artisteNicole Kougioumoutzakis | The artist

Born of Greek parents, Nicole Kougioumoutzakis is Quebecois. Living in Thetford Mines for several years, she began to create on a daily basis after having suffering professional exhaustion.

Art has long been part of her life. Already as a teenager, she was interested in fashion designing and decoration as a means of making things around her more beautiful. In 2001, she felt a deep creative drive during a period of exhaustion at work, which helped her to get over it.

She first discovered painting on glass. She notably paints Naïve scenes of the countryside near to where she lives. She next turned to painting on porcelain, a more highly contrasting process.

Art for Oneself

artisteNicole Kougioumoutzakis | His art

On porcelain pieces, Nicole Kougioumoutzakis paints patterns and colored characters reminiscent of Naïve Art. She creates out of pleasure and without artistic training, so that her works share certain characteristics with Raw and Popular Art.

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