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Art in the Service of Others

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Art in the Service of Others

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Diane de Grand Maison paints on the walls of Roberval Hospital to brighten up the lives of the patients, while Lise Tanguay lends the magic of her pen to her friends when they're experiencing hard times.

Art in the Service of Others

artisteDiane De Grand'Maison | The artist

Diane de Grand Maison works as auxiliary nurse at the Roberval Hospital. At the request of a few residents who wished to brighten up a little its long, sadly colored corridors, she's decorated the walls with magnificent painted landscapes.

Sometimes, she creates her works by taking inspiration from the particular needs of a patient who wishes to plunge into the memory of better days. Unable to imagine her life without the balance she gets from both her profession and her art, Diane confesses that the lake which she lives next to is one of her greatest inspirations.

Art in the Service of Others

artisteDiane De Grand'Maison | His art

Following the example of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel during the Renaissance, Diane de Grand Maison creates murals inside the hospital where she works. Her frescoes represent a form of therapy for the patients who have the leisure to admire them.

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Art in the Service of Others

artisteLise Tanguay | The artist

Lise Tanguay has a gift of being able to play with words. Words which she frequently lends to others. Many a time, she's written letters of love or rupture for friends, putting her elegant pen in the service of those dear to her.

She is greatly inspired by her milieu, the Gaspé, where she delves into the fluctuations of the St. Laurent which she perceives as emotions. Lise equally likes writing stories, although often she hasn't time to finish them, as well as painting. For her, all means are good to exteriorize her emotions.

Art in the Service of Others

artisteLise Tanguay | His art

Lise Tanguay writes poetry. She likes, from time to time, to lend the verses and rhymes which she composes to her friends, when they cannot find the words on certain occasions.

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