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Discover the artists of the TV series and their artworks.

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At L’île Verte, François Fillion uses writing to express his emotions. In Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, it's cheesemaker Éric Proulx who orally transmits his passion for past and the rural way of life.

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artisteFrançois Fillion | The artist

François Fillion is the owner of a farm named "Dante", in honor of the Italian poet, at L’île Verte. For him, writing is a release which enables him to forget, in the space of an instant, the bothers of daily life.

Working in an ever more difficult field, he finds his strength in his love for his wife. A poet in his free hours, he scatters little love notes throughout the family house to the whim of his inspiration.

With a handful of other producers, he's even published texts in a collective whose mission is to improve the lives of Quebec farmers.

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artisteFrançois Fillion | His art

François Fillion composes poems, often as a sign of love for his wife and children. A farmer by trade, he also writes politically committed texts to promote work of the land.

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artisteÉric Proulx | The artist

After studying geography at the university, Éric Proulx took a completely unexpected turn in his life. In 1998, he purchased an abandoned piece of land and launched himself into the production of goat cheese.

His gift as storyteller and his talent as a musician quickly won him invitations to local events and festivals. His passion for his land and region serves him well when the time comes to tell tales and legends, or just to yield to a few notes of traditional music.

His goal: transmit to the people a love of their past, their traditions and the rural way of life.

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artisteÉric Proulx | His art

Éric Proulx is a fervent defender of Quebecois traditional values and rural life. He's both a storyteller and musician, bringing back to life the legends and music of past.