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Nature of Art

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Nature of Art

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Jean-Pierre Gauthier creates walking sticks, knife handles, and sculptures, while Roch Defayette creates large Surrealist canvases inspired by his life and historic events.

Nature of Art

artisteJean-Pierre Gauthier | The artist

A sculptor living in Saint-Léandre, Jean-Pierre Gauthier uses elements from nature to make his works. He sculpts wood as well antlers and even ox bones, which he first buries by an ant nest so that the insects will clean the bones of any remaining flesh.

He makes sculptures, as well as knives, machetes, and walking sticks. Wood is his world. He relishes being in its presence. Furthermore, he would have preferred to live like his ancestors, two or three hundred years ago, at a time when people were really in communion with nature.

Nature of Art

artisteJean-Pierre Gauthier | His art

Cervid bone is the principal raw material which Jean-Pierre Gauthier uses to sculpt his works, as Inuit artists frequently did in the past. He creates not only wooden sculptures, but also carves walking sticks and knife handles, like the artists of Movable Art.

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Nature of Art

artisteRoch Defayette | The artist

Living in Outaouais, Roch Defayette has brought together several passions. He's traveled the world in search of fascinating insects to add to his collection. He equally practices karate and paints large canvases which he himself qualifies as Surrealist.

His love of insects and the martial arts is reflected, moreover, in his painting.He's been painting since the age of 20. It took him a certain time to find his own style. An inner world inhabits him and he feels the compelling need to bring it out.

Finally, current events are likewise an important source of inspiration for him. Among others, he's made portraits of Princess Diana, under the impact of her tragic death. One of these paintings will soon appear on the cover of a new book on the late Princess to be published in the United Kingdom.

Nature of Art

artisteRoch Defayette | His art

The imposing canvases painted by Roch Defayette summon up the Surrealist movement and artists having belonged to this past period: Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, and Frida Kahlo, to name only a few.

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